Art of the Day #332: Finnick Appreciation Day #4

Photo of the Day: Finnick Fox, Morocco by mildirk
Source [1]

Annnnnd we’re back with part four of our tribute to Finnick.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links (and be sure to answer our poll question as the end of this collection).

We open with some random images of Zootopia’s favorite fennec fox.

Finnick by Fireaux
Source [2]

Finnick – Too cool by nik159
Source [3]

Benglt the Bolster XD by AotoAka
Source [4]

Finnick gets shocked by nadairead
Source [5]

Zootopia Finnick by kenny9807
Source [6]

Finnick portrait by Corgi
Source [7]

Finnick the Fennec by AlexandraBowmanArt
Source [8]

Finnick by Melona-F
Source [9]

Finnick – zootopia by Raigmann
Source [10]

Finnick by BreezyBunny
Source [11]

Curiously enough, one of the favorite ways for Zootopia fanartist to draw Finnick is to show him with a baseball bat/club.  What makes this so unusual is that in the movie, he was seen to be wielding one for less than two seconds of screen time.

Finnick by nadairead
Source [12]

Sunderance – Character Profile: Finnick Fleming by TheWyvern’sWeaver
Source [13]

Finnick by FurryRex
Source [14]

Finnick_Bat by 剱海
Source [15]

Finnick by CascadingSerenity
Source [16]

Fennek – Finnick by MonoFlax
Source [17]

Little Finnick have problem by Botak
Source [18]

Perhaps even odder is the way a lot of people like to ship Finnick with Gazelle.

Gazinnick by UncleScooter
Source [19]

She and Him by yelnatsdrwas
Source [20]

Bodyguard Finnick by @RicksWriting
Source [21]

One recurring theme that isn’t so strange, however, is the artwork showing Finnick with his van.

Finnick by CascadingSerenity
Source [22]

I wonder if we’ll ever learn how the driver’s door on Finnick’s ride ended up needing to be replaced.

Nick and Finnick by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [23]

It’s so hard to get good help these days…

Car wash fun by foxefuel
Source [24]

The boy makes good.

Finnick decided to start his new business! by S.KIT. by kit-ray-live
Source [25]

Finnick by askalin
Source [26]

The irresistible force meets the immovable object. Note what Nick’s doing here–and Judy’s reaction.

Fender Bender by spectigular
Source [27]

And finally….hmmmm, now where have we seen this meme before?
Oh, right…

Zootopia – Finnick by The1AN1
Source [28]

Until next time… a question of great social importance…

Who is the biggest grouch In Zootopia?   

  1. Finnick
  2. Chief Bogo
  3. Mayor Leodore Lionheart

Post your answer in the comments.


  1. Finnick with a baseball bat is a defining feature of his personality and attitude… in only three seconds of screen time. “Mess with me, and I WILL mess with you.”

  2. Finnick is the biggest grouch. He had a chip on his shoulder for most of mammalkind looking down on him as a fox, and another one on his other shoulder because most of foxkind looked down at him because they were all taller. His big belly laugh came when Nick got the short end of Judy’s “recruitment” hustle to help her with the missing mammals case.

    Bogo was actually smiling when Judy was offered the chance to become the ZPD’s poster mammal under Mayor Bellwether. He actually cares very much about his officers and citizens of Zootopia, he just hides it behind a grumpy facade.

    Mayor Lionheart was all smiles when his Mammal Inclusion Initiative was working, and simply dismissive of most everybody else. He’s not a grouch, he’s a politician.

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