Story: Guardian Blue: Winter Hearth



By: Alps_Sarsis

Alps_Sarsis wraps up the events of Guardian Blue‘s second season and previews its third with Winter Hearth — and unlike, say, the hilarious Fall Festival set between seasons one and two, there’s much more gravitas to be had here. By no means does that make it a slog of a story; Winter Hearth continues to showcase Sarsis’ pristine knowledge of his characters (original and otherwise) and begets a fitting sequel of sorts to Season Two while setting the stage for future chapters in arguably the most anticipatory manner of the series to date. Fans of Zootopia fics set in Bunnyburrow should be particularly pleased, thanks to its inclusion of some of the town’s more well-known characters — particularly Sharla, who’s got… well, problems. In more ways than one. As usual, reading the previous Guardian Blue iterations isn’t just recommended — it’s pretty much a must at this point in the series. ~YFWE

Description: Judy, Nick, and his mother all take a train to visit Bunnyburrow and stay with Judy’s family over the winter holiday. He’s been there before, but how will things change now that their families are one? Will everyone accept, on this tender occasion, the happiness the two have found?

Guardian Blue: Winter Hearth

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Additional tags: ain’t no carefree snowball fights in Bunnyburrow this holiday season

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  1. A great addition to the story, and Sarsis takes me along fornthe ride, inspiring Shrew Value.

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