First Look at Zootopia TV Series Concept Art!

Rooftop Chase by Armand Serrano
Source [1]

Breaking! Breaking! Breaking!

Hot off the wire, here are the first concept pics from the Zootopia TV series — and so far, everything looks awesome.

A few words of caution are in order, however. Disney has been known to commission concept pics on projects long before they get the green light, and in some case even canceled them after the first batch of images was created. (Chanticleer, Gigantic.)

While it’s very unlikely that will happen to the Zootopia show, what with a trailer dropping earlier today, it does mean that this is far from a done deal.

Also, our source for these pics indicates that they have not necessarily been approved for publication. Update: We have been given the green light to share these!

With that out of the way: enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links. (And keep your fingers crossed.)

We open with series of location shots.

View from the top of a Zootopia skyscraper.   Note the rodent-sized ramp and the differently sized coin-operated binoculars.

Observation Deck by Armand Serenno
Source [2]

First mentioned in the Zootopia Handbook, it looks like Disney is going to bring the Sunday Meerkat Market to life for the series. There’s Nick and Judy on the far left side, haggling with a rug merchant.

Meerkat Market by Cory Loftus
Source [3]

Oooh, this would make a great location for cliffhanger.

Tundratown Skytram by Jim Marten
Source [4]

I don’t know why, but this pic has kind of creepy vibe to it.

Climate Wall Control Room by Armand Serenno
Source [5]

Note the rabbit-proof fence and the expression on Judy’s face, LOL

Outback Island by Cory Loftus
Source [6]

Why anyone would name a city park after Leodore Lionheart is beyond me; he went straight from the mayor’s office to jail.  Nonetheless, here it is.

Lionheart Park by Matthias Lencher
Source [7]

I’ve often wondered what Zootopia’s other police precincts look like.  Judging by the palm tree and the architecture, I’d say Precinct 2 is probably located somewhere in Sahara Square

ZPD Precinct 2 by Matthias Lencher
Source [8]

This appears to be the view from the gondola of an airship (see the Jumpers picture below).  Pretty sure that one tall building was not in the Zootopia film.

Over Tundratown by Mattias Lencher
Source [9]

And now, let’s move on to some character pics.

Figures there’d be a wolverine in the TV series.  Walt Disney reportedly loved them; he even made a wolverine the baddie in a Disney TV movie, Lefty, the Dingaling Lynx.

New Wolverine Character by Cory Loftus
Source [10]

According to Disney Wiki she’s supposed to be Judy’s niece, not her sister.  Looks like she grew up a little for the TV series.

Cotton Hopps by Bryon Howard
Source [11]

So THAT’S what he looks like; what a sleezeball.
(For those who don’t remember, Judy’s Uncle Terry the bunny who got hold of some Nighthowler and ‘bit the dickens’ out of Judy’s mother’s arm back when they were kids.)

Uncle Terry by Bryon Howard
Source [12]

I have very mixed feelings about this.
I think it’s fine to bring back Mayor Swinton, but I really hope she won’t be the heavy in the TV series.  They milked the crooked mayor bit dry in the Zootopia movie; anything further in that direction would be just plain stale.

Mayor Swinton by Cory Loftus
Source [13]

If this happens–and I hope it will–this will be the very first aquatic (or semi-aquatic) character in something related to Zootopia.

Walrus character study by Sheyun King
Source [14]

Yes, yes… we want bats!   And not as cameos; give one these guys a serious supporting role.

Bat sketches by Sheyun King
Source [15]

Lastly we present a series of character interaction/action pics.

Note the bandage on Nick Wilde’s tail.  I have no idea who the animal standing to next Chief Bogo is, or even what species he is.  (Is that a bison or a musk ox?)  If you look closely, you can just make out Judy sitting beside Nick. (She’s mostly obscured by him.)

Debriefing by Cory Loftus

Source [16]

Ooooh, check out Nick and Judy’s cool new ride.  (You can seen them behind the windshield in the third image.)  According to our source, Disney Animation is working together with Jay Mays and Nissan Motors to create vehicle designs for the new series.  While all this is unconfirmed, Disney has done similar things before with Nissan.

Police Cruiser by Jim Marten
Source [17]

Nick, Judy, and Finnick prepare to bail out of a burning dirigible.  Does this mean Little Toot-Toot is going to get a more serious role in the TV series? We can only hope.

Jumpers by Cory Loftus
Source [18]

Awww, poor Nick.  I’m pretty sure this is from another flashback sequence, same as when he recalled being muzzled as kid.  No idea as to the identity of that silver fox vixen.

Heartbroken by Bryon Howard
Source [19]

Run for your lives, guys!  I’m guessing that this is a nod to the wildebeest stampede in The Lion King.

Savanna Central Stampede by Cory Loftus
Source [20]

Note that the helicopter has dragonfly wings instead of rotary blades.  That’s a concept going all the way back to the shock collar version of Zootopia.

Mountain Rescue by Bryon Howard
Source [21]

And last, but certainly not least, Nick’s left arm isn’t visible in this pic, but there he is, down on one knee and taking Judy by the paw while she looks away shyly.  Could it be?

The Question by Bryon Howard
Source [22]

Until next time… it’s called an April Fool, sweetheart!


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