Art of the Day #324: Hail to the Chief

Let it Bogo by Art Birchly
Source [1]

“Dear Chief Bogo:

If that nice fox, Nick Wilde is somehow lucky enough to get a raise and a promotion next week, then this video probably won’t show up on the ZPD Furbook page.”


It’s been quite some time since we last featured an Art of the Day dedicated to Chief Buffalo Butt… er, ahem, I mean Chief Bogo.

And so, with further ado, we present a new collection of fanart featuring Zootopia’s favorite cape buffalo (along with a few Bogo concept art pieces we haven’t shown before.)

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

We open with some concept pieces of the Chief

This is the earliest conception of Chief Bogo that I’ve seen so far.  Looks way different than the movie version, doesn’t he?

Early Bogo Concept Art – by Nick Orsi
Source [2]

It didn’t take long for the Disney gang to get him right.

Bogo Character Design by Cory Loftis
Source [3]

“Be reasonable, do it MY way.”

Note that the cheetah is wearing the same outfit Duke Weaselton had on in the movie; one thing you have to give the Disney Animation crew, they never waste a good idea

More Bogo Concept art by Cory Loftis
Source [4]

It’s lonely at the top.

ZPD Bullpen Bogo JM by jimjam-art
Source [5]

Now let’s get into some Bogo fanart.

Chief Bogo always likes to keep himself in shape.

Working Bogo by DragonSlash
Source [6]

Never knows when someone might challenge him.

Who will win? Zootopia by husky50
Source [7]

Uhhh, Judy?   I think you may have bitten off a little more than you can chew here.  Maybe you should consider something wee bit more cerebral, like, say… a nice game of chess?

Loser buys Donuts by radiojane
Source [8]

Okay, scratch that idea.

Bogo and Judy Chess by fluttershythekind
Source [9]

Have you noticed that Chief Bogo never wore a tie in the movie and always had his shirt collar open?  That little detail was actually based in fact; the directors interviewed a number of real-life police officers in preparation for the film and found that the ones with buffed physiques (like the Chief) never wore ties either.  The reason for this was both simple and practical; these guys had such broad shoulders, they couldn’t get the top buttons on their uniform shirts done up.

Bogo Doodles by sturaptor
Source [10]

Chief Bogo by ekuan
Source [11]

Bogo Practice by HavickArt
Source [12]

Cheif Bogo by IStanI
Source [13]

Chief Bogo by samionesart
Source [14]

Chief Bogo by LionKingRulez
Source [15]

Bogo 2 by the-ravens-of-morea
Source [16]

Bogo by ShaneInvasion
Source [17]

Here’s an interesting alternative, Chief of Detectives Bogo.

Detective Bogo – Zootopia Fanart by Plilip Herman
Source [18]

7/10 Drawing: Chief Bogo by scosplash
Source [19]

Bogo by drawyeller
Source [20]

“Clawhauser!  How many times have I told you never to come in here without knocking?”

Chief Bogo2 by alnoeon
Source [21]

Bogo as a Victorian Era police officer

♪ “When constabulary duty’s to be done, to be done…” ♫

Victorian Zootoapi Bogo by FairyTalesArtist
Source [22]

Many folks have wondered if the Chief has any kind of a romantic interest.  (All right, almost nobody has, but here you go anyway.)

Tundratown by the-ravens-of-morea
Source [23]

Just think of her as your conscience

What we got, Chief? by radiojane
Source [24]

D’ohhhh, where’d HE come from?

The Conspiracy – Bogo, devil Nick and angel Judy by ocerydia
Source [25]

The worst part of this job…

21 guns by iPoke
Source [26]

So, all in all, Chief, how did you like our collection?

Chief Bogo – Just Don’t Care by gramworks
Source [27]

Uhmm…yeah.  Until next time…