Story: The Sons of Efrafa

Art: FalloutFoxDraws

[Action][Police Procedural][Crossover][Complete][M-16]

Author: ubernoner

Let’s talk really quick about Watership Down, the classic 1972 novel from Richard Adams. Featuring a warren of rabbits searching and fighting for freedom in the English countryside, the story is absolutely ripe for some sort of crossover with Zootopia. Enter The Sons of Efrafa, which does just that, focusing on Jacob, an Efrafan from the Watership Down world whose story takes him from war to a spot on the ZPD force, bringing in tons of familiar characters along the way. All in all, this thing’s a beast, an expertly planned and meticulously crafted fic that is serious about its mythology, making it a must-read for anyone with even a somewhat-vested interest in Zootopia-based fiction that greatly expands upon the provided universe in detail. Rated M for some violence/adult language. -YFWE

Description: Zootopia is home to many diverse species and many diverse cultures. Among them are the Efrafans, an ancient people from Asia Minor with a long and bloody history. Jacob Emanuel Raibert is a young, bitter Efrafan hare growing up in the impoverished district of Foxburrough Parish, otherwise known as Happytown. This is his story.

The Sons of Efrafa

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Additional tags: man this crossover makes so much sense tho

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  1. I just finished reading SoE, after the ZNN recommendation. If you’re a fan of massive world-building, Watership Down’s lagomorph culture and history, and long for a story that unapologetically tosses some of the Zootopia cliches out the window, then you need to read this.

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