Art of the Day #313: Featured Artist – King Gidora

Disney Easter by Odajima
Source [1]

For this Zootopia Art of the Day collection, we’re featuring the works of King Gidora (or Ojajima, as he’s known on DeviantArt).

As our featured image demonstrates, like his namesake, Gidora is a triple-threat, a master of light and perspective, a brilliant crossover artist — and there’s nobody I know that does worldbuilding better. His depiction of Tundratown is enough to bring on shivers, while his image of Sahara Square will have you running to the fridge for a cool drink.

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We begin with a quick series of character sketches

Nick Sketches by ぎどら
Source [2]

Clawhauser sketches by ぎどら
Source [3]

Nick Expression sketch by ぎどら
Source [4]

A taste of Honey by ぎどら
Source [5]

Now, on to some more realized artwork, a series of character portraits.

Nick Grimaces by ぎどら
Source [6]

Nick_Wilde Pawpsicle by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [7]

Sugar time.

Benjamin Crouhauser by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [8]

No, this is not a reworked Instagram pic, it’s all Gidora’s artwork.

memories by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [9]

You should see him when he’s NOT in a good mood.

Zootipie by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [10]

Thank You02 by ぎどら
Source [11]


And with that we move on to a series of pics by King Gidora featuring little Nick (and Judy)

Thank You by ぎどら
Source [12]

Little Nick and Judy by ぎどら
Source [13]

I have no idea what’s going on here (and frankly I don’t want to)

Kidnapping zone by ぎどら
Source [14]

This one’s almost as heart-wrenching as the scene from the movie.

Lost Dream by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [15]

Nest, a few group pictures

Look closely at this one and you’ll see that Nick and Judy are channeling B’rer Rabbit and B’rer Fox.  There’s Clawhauser in the background doing his best Br’er, and Finnick and Chief Bogo don’t seem too happy with the situation.

Zootopia Mountain by Odajima
Source [16]

Eggs is Eggs by ぎどら
Source [17]

Story of Gazelle by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [18]

Streetscene by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [19]

Now for a look at King Gidora’s world building skills

This is one of my favorite pieces of his work, the best depiction of Zootopia’s aquatic citizens that I have ever seen, and with a number of nice touches to boot.  Look at Nick skidding on the floor.  And notice that little polar bear cub to his right?  That’s Morris, from the Shock Collar version of the film.

Tundratwon by Odajima
Source [20]

“Carrot juice…carrot juice…”

Sahara Square by Odajima
Source [21]

Some more incredible detail here.  Look at the hole in Nick’s leaf umbrella and the beam of light shining through it.

Rainforest Nick and Judy by Gidora by ぎどら
Source [22]

Rainforest District Night by Gidora by @_KING_GIDORA
Source [23]

Nick and Finnick in Little Rodentia’s favorite eatery.

Unknown by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [24]

Moving on to our next series of images, a collection of crossover pics.

Technically, this picture isn’t a crossover, since Michael Tanuyama. the racoon dog on the left, appeared in the Japanese version of Zootopia, replacing Peter Moosebridge as ZNN co-anchor. But in spirit I feel that it belongs here, since he and Nick Wilde never actually met.
(Also, did you notice that Nick is wearing earbuds? I didn’t until just now.)

Red Fox Green Raccoon by ぎどら by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [25]

When you think about it, this is a Disney crossover

No Name by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [26]

These next three images were also featured in our Kingdom Hearts collection, but they’re worth viewing again.

Black Animal Tailing by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [27]

Encounters by @_king_gidora_
Source [28]

Another piece with some great subtle detail.  If you’ve ever seen any of the Donald Duck / Chip and Dale Disney cartoons, you know why he’s giving them that look.

5000 Follows by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [29]

No, I DON’T know why Jerry is naked.

Source [30]

We close with the image that I consider to be King Gidora’s masterwork.
The level of detail here is nothing short of stunning; you can almost smell the dust in this room, Look at the broken slats on the window blinds and the light reflecting off the badge on Nick’s uniform,  Notice the feathers dancing in the air, the time on the clock face, and there’s Nick’s trademark Hawaiian shirt, hanging over the back of the bed.  It’s all just plain fantastic.

Beginning of the Dream by @_KING_GIDORA_
Source [31]

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