Story: It’s a Wonderfox Life

Art: pyocolaxsama


By: BeecroftA

Here’s another “What if” scenario (this one’s originally from Cimar’s What If compilation) from the P.I.X.A.R machine! The author does a fantastic job of pulling out feelings of hurt, anger, and reconciliation from the reader, and then ties it all up with a fitting and happy feeling. It’s a perfect balance of fluff and conflict. ~GorganCM

Description: While going through a crisis in his life, Nick uses the P.I.X.A.R machine and sees what Zootopia would be like if he had never been born. Set within the continuity of Cimar’s What If…? Collaboration story!

It’s a Wonderfox Life

Additional tags: The world is always better with you in it

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  1. Thank you for allowing us this very Zootopian version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I always thought this cast of characters could pull it off as well and uniquely as it has proven to be. And thanks for stretching Christmas just a little bit longer for those of us who hate to see it pass, as it always must. Kudos to the news crew, and the author. Well done.

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