Rumor: Zootopia Trilogy in the Works?

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UPDATE 2/2/19 7:05 PM: We have gotten confirmation from Rich Moore (and others) that this was, once again, just a rumor.  Back to waiting patiently, people.  We may report a rumor like this from time to time, but if/when actual news of a sequel comes, you can bet that you will hear about it from us.  Ideally first, but if not, as soon as physically possible.

Original article below:


…But reserved. Tommy Lister, who some might know as the voice of Finnick, randomly dropped a humdinger on unsuspecting fans at a meet and greet last Sunday. The basic gist is that there will be three films in total and that they are in production right now.

As amazing as this news is, we do need to be cautiously optimistic and continue to investigate the validity of such claims, and sometimes voice actors may sometimes get it wrong with certain details about upcoming films.

So we will treat it like a hopeful rumor until something more concrete rolls out from the actual development team working on Disney animation, but for now, we can get excited that even the voice actors are getting excited over the prospect of future Zootopia movies! I know we are!

Thanks again to OttieDaOtter from the ZNN community server for pointing this out to us!

Lister: I can tell you for sure I’m doing another Zootopia with Disney.  We doing three of them… We the biggest film that Disney is producing.  The last one was $240 million.  This one I’m hearing will be $300 million.  That’s what they spent on the budget, not the advertising.

You can head on over and read the full article below!

Breaking: Two More Zootopia Films are in the Works at Disney


    • buy the new issue of the official comic when it releases, you will see her there. its already confirmed to be in it

  1. I just need to point something out. If this is really happening, it’s happening without Rich Moore, Byron Howard, or Jared Bush. Moore is just coming off Wreck it Ralph 2–he hasn’t had time to start anything new. As for Byron Howard,,he’s still working on that untitled project with Lin-Manuel Miranda. And according to Jared Bush’s Twitter page. he’s been busy helping to design the Zootopia attraction, slated to open in Disneyland Shanghai.

  2. I can’t find where he actually said this, and it seems strange to announce a film like this, wouldn’t they be NDA’d?

    I want it to be true but I’m taking this with many pinches of salt because I’m really not convinced currently

  3. I want to see three things:

    #1 and most important: Nick’s mom, and have her named “Marian Wilde” and not because of Robin Hood ties with “Maid Marian” I just like the name, Marian Wilde, and I hope she has cute looks, a cute soft spoken voice, and DOES NOT get killed off in either film under ANY circumstances, or for any reason.

    #2 Bellwether gets reformed, and her and Judy become friends again, and Dawn helps the heroes out.

    #3 Swinton, the original planned villain, be the new villain, of at least Zootopia 2, and have her be more rotten, and hateful toward predators than Bellwether originally was, as Swinton was stated to be the original Zootopia villain, and was going to be:

    Byron Howard relates that the crew found out on research that pigs are one of the most intelligent animals. However, they decided to change the role of the mayor to a lion, due to this animal’s reputation as “king of the jungle”.

    In spite of the “soft and pink” personality Swinton displayed in the initial story draft, she was supposed to be a murderous, surprise villain and the main antagonist, secretly harboring a grudge against the dominant predators of the city, who began to disappear mysteriously. The surprise villain role went to Bellwether.

    After Swinton’s character was scrapped, she was reworked into a minor character, a prison warden who appears briefly in the end of the movie.[1]

    I’d love to see Swinton’s original purpose revived in Zootopia 2, seeing as Zootopia 1 supposedly ended without a mayor.

  4. As much as I’d love to jump for joy (for several days at a time), without the conformation from the actual producers, I won’t be taking this all too seriously. But if Zootopia does turn out to be a trilogy, I will be beyond ecstatic. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  5. Ah, I’ll say this… If Zootopia’d been owned by Dreamworks, we’d probably have a sequel pretty soon. And given their KFP or HTTYD movies, it’d probably be good too! (Something I can’t say in the slightest about the steaming garbage that was Ralph 2, which in my opinion crapped all over the charming original.) Only the most deluded I-watch-Disney/Pixar-only snobs would think otherwise.

    I mean I’m just saying… why WOULDN’T an entertainment business capitalize on a property that was so beloved and succesful? Capitalism ain’t really MY bag, but it’s their entire purpose right?

    Though I also heard so many rumours that there IS a Zoo-2-pia in the works and has been for years, that I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s there end of next year/beginning of the year after as from the rumours I heard over the years. And if so, I think at this point they should just confirm it already instead of playing coy. Because sure seems a pattern of this guy slips that, this VA slips that, then Tommy Lister said that and these other guys keep saying it’s just a rumour. (Though they don’t say it’s NOT true I suppose!)

    I just really hope it’ll be a worthy sequel, since the original was so great! It’s just I REALLY hated Ralph 2 and now I worry about it. I guess if there’s no sequel, at least there won’t be one like… that… Zootopia 2 deserves to be GOOD! So let that be so!

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