Special Art of the Day #310: Happy Valentine’s Day, 2019

Be Careful What You Wish For by Quirky Middle Child
Source [1]

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Valentine’s Day album for 2019.

Now we all know about WildeHopps, but there have been many ‘alternative relationships’ depicted over the last three years by the various Zootopia fan-artists–and that’s where we’re going today.

Our Valentine’s Collection for 2019 will be divided into two sections. The first part will feature Nick and Judy in ‘ships’ with various Zootopia characters (besides each other,) and Part 2 will feature pictures of some these other members of the Zootopia gang getting Valentiney with each other.

For this album, we’re only going to be featuring artwork of characters who either appeared in the film or were at least created as concept characters by the Zootopia Team; no fan characters or OCs allowed.  Also there will no pictures included of Zootopia characters in actual relationships, (Eg. Mr. and Mrs. Otterton.)

And with that out of the way, on to the fan-art.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links

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The most well known ‘alternate ships’ in the Zootopia fan-verse are, of course, SavageHopps and Wilde Skye.

Jack and Judy01 by sami01
Source [2]

Nick and Skye by Furrytiger
Source [3]

jack judy by pafull
Source [4]

Young Nick and Skye by tggeko
Source [5]

Zootopia Judy and Jack by 1AN1
Source [6]

What, you never saw a foxhole before?

Foxhole by foxefuel
Source [7]

Welcome home, soldier!

Abandon AU by brokeguy21
Source [8]

Nick and Skye 02 by furrytiger
Source [9]

“The Green-Shirted monster, that doth mock the meat it feeds upon.”
(Apologies to William Shakespeare.)

Zootopia Fan Art by Cipple
Source [10]

We try to keep an open mind around this place, so here’s a trio of SkyeHopps images.

Girlfriends by nobby-art
Source [11]

SkyeHopps by NervousBlackRabbit
Source [12]

Girls by foxefuel
Source [13]

And of course, what’s SkyeHopps without a little WildeSavage?

Boys by foxefuel
Source [14]

Oh no, it’s a wildesavage by foxefuel
Source [15]

Now we get to a series of images showing Nick and Judy ‘shipping’ with some of the other Zootopia characters.

One of the more popular of these is GreyHopps

-CM- Judy X Gideon by Meteor-05
Source [16]

Gideon and Judy at the Beach by Gerardson
Source [17]

Well…Bellwether DID tell Judy, “Us lil’ guys have to stick together.”

Warm and Fluffy by PastelMistress
Source [18]

Nick and Bunny (Bambi)

Nick and Miss Bunny by @DisneyDuckLover
Source [19]

And here he is with Gazelle

Nick X Gazelle by Foxefuel
Source [20]

Nick X Gazelle (colored) by foxefuel
(Colored by anothercolouranon)
Source [21]

First Date Kiss by surefreed
Source [22]

 Part 2:  Other Characters, Other Ships

For some reason, one of the more popular of these is Finnick/Gazelle

All I see are Wings by yelnatsdrwas
Source [23]

Next to I love you by yelnatsdraws
Source [24]

 But as we all know, the Zootopia character with the biggest crush on Gazelle is Benjamin Clawhauser.

Zootopia -Try Everything by Weischeded
Source [25]

However, he’s not the only one

Zootopia Bogo and Gazelle by CO–CO-SO
Source [26]

Another popular alternates ship is Gideon Grey and Judy childhood friend, Sharla.  I could actually see this happening

Gideon and Sharla by Ziegelzeig
Source [27]

But only up to a point.  Like a lot of folks, I’m of the belief that it would not be possible for animals of different species to have children together, even in the Zootopia universe.

That being said, D’awwww!

Bun in the Oven by WastedTimeEE
Source [28]

This, on the other paw, strikes me as a little more far-fetched.

Mayor Lionheart adn Assitant mayor Bellwethr by jonathantaniuchi
Source [29]

That’s Bogo on the other side of the desk.

Bellwether by Playfurry
Source [30]

Officers Wolford and Fangmeier

Wolfeye – Colorized by Ziegelzeig
(Colored by Otakurec37)
Source [31]

And last, but by no means least, take a close look at the mirror and wallpaper, in the background behind Finnick.  Do they seem just a wee bit familiar?

Unforeseen Encounter by Ziegelzeig
Source [32]

Until next time…


  1. Hmm. Can’t say I’m crazy about all of them, but thanks for recognizing talent and material outside the box. Wish I had submitted the drawings Elimmc did of Nick and Taelia.

  2. #32
    “And last, but by no means least, take a close look at the mirror and wallpaper, in the background behind Finnick. Do they seem just a wee bit familiar?”
    Oh sweet chees and crackers! I never noticed them before… Finnick and Nick’s mom? Oo’
    It will be a little a little embarassing for Nick, calling Finnick “dad”! XD

  3. I like this post, obviously Wildehopps is the best ship but It’s still nice to take a look at the other ships too and these are some really well done drawings! (The first one was my favorite XD)

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