Comic: Zootopia Case File No. 2: Domestic Violence (by TheGorySaint)

More comic creations, a sign of the vibrancy and variety of what we love. Truly our natural creative diversity is healthy and strong.

Last time I said a comic distilled an essence down. This time it’s practically made into liqueur syrup, boiled down into two punchy pages, pun intended. Talk about in media res, we hit the ground running and just sprint the distance. Well-composed creation gives impact to words carefully crafted to cut, to cut deep and long like only lovers can. You need to know someone before words hurt that badly. Every sentence stings and is some aspect of their real personality.

They’re pulling no punches, and it’s only page one. Page two… that’s the real impact. When it really starts flying, that’s when you get the full picture, and what a picture it is. You owe it to yourself to take a quick look.

-Gabriel LaVedier

Check out TheGorySaint’s DeviantArt here!

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