Rest In Peace, Boi Chá

Zootopia Boi Cha

Hello everyone.  Sadly, we have some bad news to share today.

Ricardo Boechat, the renowned Brazillian news anchor who lent his voice to Onçardo Boi Chá, the Zootopian news anchor exclusive to the Brazillian version of Zootopia, has passed away today in a tragic helicopter crash.  For those of you who didn’t know, Zootopia had a unique quirk where international versions of the movie had different news anchors, all discussing the rise in predators gone savage, based on animals common to their locales.

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The voice actors for these reports were chosen as cameos from some of the most prominent national news anchors in their respective locations.  These characters’ names were puns based on the anchor’s actual name- Peter Moosebridge was played by Peter Mansbridge, David Koalabell was voiced by David Campbell, and that pattern held true here too- Onçardo is a portmanteau of onça (Portuguese for jaguar) and Ricardo, and Boi Chá sounds like Boechat.

Our condolences go out to Boechat’s family and friends.  Let’s have a moment of silence in respect for one of Zootopia’s many international news anchors.

For more information on Ricardo Boechat’s life and extensive career, as well as the circumstances of his death, you can read the BBC’s Report here.

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  1. I’m Brazilian and thanks for the news, I guess in zootopia 2 will have another character for Brazilian version.

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