Story Updates: February 23, 2019

Art: giftheck

Homies, it’s gonna take y’all SO LONG to get through all our updates today! Like, call off work. Kiss your spouse and kids goodbye.

nah jk there’s only two new fic updates

But, like, look: in the past, we’ve held story update posts when there aren’t that many that updated in the span since our last post, but I feel like that penalizes the folks who did update this time around and instead get their stories dropped in a larger post way after they actually updated.

So with that in mind, here! Futures Past and The (Not So) Great Outdoors updated. Party.

Don’t see your recently updated fic here? Maybe a story you follow along with that updated but isn’t listed? It may need to be submitted! Shoot us an email at [email protected] with more info.

Updated stories:
The (Not So) Great Outdoors by radredknuxfan
Futures Past by giftheck

The (Not So) Great Outdoors
Ch. 20

Futures Past
Ch. 7: Revelations
Also on AO3