The People have Picked a Plush!

Did you vote this week?  I know I did!  And I also did my civic duty in political votes too!

In the spirit of democracy, our poll to determine the GRAND PRIZE WINNER for the ZNN Halloween Art Contest has completed, and the votes have been counted.  It was a surprisingly close race between the 4 candidates, but in the end, the winner is FeverWildeHopps with her beautiful piece “Now and Forever”.  Congratulations!

We will be sending out prizes both to Fever and to all the other winners of this year’s competition, so if you haven’t contacted us yet, please be sure to so we can get you your well-earned rewards!  Once again, thank you to everyone, both for your continued support of the site, and for the little financial support you provide us on Patreon.  Contests like this wouldn’t be possible without you.

Anyways, that should be the last halloween-related post for a while.  Now to prepare ourselves for the Christmas season!


  1. I just wish the FoxBun drawing got its own custom-made plush, if only because it’s a literal CatDog-style fusion of Judy and Nick.

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