Special Art of the Day #283: Paging Dr. Honeybadger

Madge_Honeybadger by Monoflax
Source [1]

Madge Honeybadger, aka Dr. Madge Honeybadger, aka just plain Honey.

Here was another character from the ‘shock collar’ version of Zootopia that underwent a profound metamorphosis from her initial conception to the final version we saw of her on the film.

In her first version, Honey was sometime associate of Nick and Finnick; a quirky survivalist with a deep-seated aversion to sheep.

By the time she made it onto the silver screen, she had evolved into Mayor Leodore Lionheart’s not-entirely-willing partner and medical expert.

Here then we present a collection of Zootopia fanart, depicting Dr. Honeybadger’s progress from aggressive eccentric to passive subordinate.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links. (Maybe Honey-badger don’t care, but they do.)

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In her first incarnation, Honey lived in an underground bunker stocked with survival gear. etc.  (Note the golf clubs directly behind her.)

Honey in her Bunker by nicolaswildes
Source [2]

And early concept pic of Honey inside her bunker.
(Not the neatest pin on the bulletin-board, is she?)

Honey’s Bunker by MatthiasLlechner
Source [3]

Honey’s survival tools.
Most of this stuff is supposed to be anti-sheep weaponry; ironic, considering that a sheep turned out to be the villain in the final film


Anti-Sheep Weapons by MatthiasLlechner
Source [4]

Honey explains how much she hate, hate, HATES sheep

No Sheep by hazardgirl-art-blog
Source [5]

I really like the way Monoflax draws Honey, totally badass

Madge Honeybadger by monoflax
Source [6]


Crazy…HER?  Aww, c’mon…

Crazy Honey by @ben_scribbles
Source [7]


As the character of Honey evolved, she became less and less paramilitary, and more and more punk.

Honey felling down by Saine
Source [8]

Honey01 by phallybro
Source [9]

No…but he’s starting to WISH he was.

You’re not dead! by @ben_scribbles
Source [10]

Honey hangin’ with Finnick

Honey and Finnick hanging out or something. by foxefuel
Source [11]

Note the studded shock collar, a nice touch

Honey2 by foxefuel
Source [12]

A somewhat more slender version of Honey

Honey Don’t Care by red-velvet-panda
Source [13]

♪”Well I’m not the world’s most physical guy
But when she squeezed me tight…
…she nearly broke my spine.”♫

From ‘Lola’ by The Kinks

HoneyThrash by Zeigelzieg
Source [14]


This is actually a very clever piece of artwork.
Notice that Honey has three trank darts sticking out of her (and a fourth about to hit,) and she’s till running full tilt.
That’s not so far-fetched as you might think; REAL honey badgers have a natural immunity to poison.
I’ve seen vids of them shaking it off after being bitten by cobras and puff adders


Honey Badger by Saine
Source [15]

Honey as an EMT

Honey as a paramedic by red-velvet-panda
Source [16]

And as a bus driver (Ralph Kramden, eat your heart out.)

Honey by GlacierK
Source [17]

Now we get into some pics of Honey as she appeared in the film, as Doctor Madge Honeybadger

Honey in scrubs

Madge is a QT by MonoHors3
Source [18]

Dr. Madge – Zootopia by Kibathedemonicwolf
Source [19]

An awesome 3D model of Dr. Madge Honeybadger, complete with stethoscope.

Madge – Papiermache Fid by 404bot
Source [20]

Honey as a prime-time TV Doc.

Madge M.D. by 404bot
Source [21]

Ya know, I don’t think we ever saw her smile in the movie

Dr. Madge Honey Badger (Disney) by Yoshiknightt2
Source [22]

“Well Doc, how do I stand?”

“That’s what puzzles me.”

Um…that wasn’t a Donut by kresblain
Source [23]

Honey in the slam.  (Yep, she was busted along with Mayor Lionheart, if you recall.)

Honeybadge in Jail by flowerstomars
Source [24]
And preparing to make a break for it

Runaway by 404bot
Source [25]

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