Special Art of the Day #286: Ralph Breaks Zootopia

Ralph Judy by nippy13
Source [1]

Greetings Disney Fans!

In honor of the opening of Wreck-It Ralph 2 – Ralph Breaks the Internet, we’re moving this week’s themed Art of the Day to Wednesday.

Anyone who’s been keeping up on the Wreck-It Ralph sequel knows that it’s going to feature cameo appearances by Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, plus a few other Zootopian Easter Eggs. (And of course, Wreck it Ralph 2 is under the helm of Zootopia Co-Director, Rich Moore.)

And so to mark the occasion, we present a collection of Zootopia X Wreck-It Ralph crossover artwork.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Get your art after the break!

Oh, now don’t go getting your nose all out of joint, Vannellope.  It could be worse.

Vanellope get a speeding ticket by ninoeachlover
Source [2]

See..what’d I tell you?

Nick and Judy’s Sweet Ride by Casey Decker
Source [3]

Uhhhh, i don’t think those cuffs are quite Ralph’s size, Nick.

Wreck-It Ralph X Zootopia by はにゃこ
Source [4]

We continue with a series of pics featuring Judy hanging with Vannellope.

Just a Wave by Pac62
Source [5]

Here’s a couple featuring Judy in Sugar Rush racer’s garb.

Sugar Rush Judy and Vanellope01 by soranoiro
Source [6]

Sugar Rush Judy and Vanellope02 by soranoiro
Source [7]

Vanellope and Judy by あいかた
Source [8]

And here’s one with Nick and Vannellope.  (Who’s conning who, here?)

I’m so cute by @awa_mogu
Source [9]

Next a series of group pics featuring characters from Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, along with some other Disney denizens


Princesses -ZPD – Could you pleeeeease take a pic by Weischede
Source [10]

Notice the fox ears on Vannellope.

Disney Holloween by Dol2006
Source [11]


Two pics by French artist, David Gilson.

who’s next by David Gilson
Source [12]

Group pose by David Gilson
Source [13]

Disney Duets by Prince Kido
Source [14]

10 Years of Magic at Walt Disney Animation tribute by Priced Kido
Source [15]

A pic to commemorate director Rich Moore’s Birthday.  Can you guess what Ralph and Judy are saying to each other?

WIR Zoot Birthday by cprartsalot
Source [16]

Two pics of Nick and Judy as Ralph and Vannellope.

Happy Howl-oween by Qalcove
Source [17]

Nick-It Ralph by missashleyng
Source [18]

Here’s a rare one; Judy as Fix-It Felix

Fix-it Judy by trashasaurusrex
Source [19]

A rendition of the Duke Weaselton bootleg-DVD character Wreck-It Rhino


Wreck-It Rhino by badboylol
Source [20]

Yeah, I have to admit, Chief Bogo makes a much better Wreck-It Ralph than Nick

Wreck-It Bogo by @zveropolis
Source [21]

I-I’d think twice before accepting any doughnuts from that guy, Benajmin!

The Guy Who Makes Doughnuts by Cuddlesaurus21
Source [22]


The following picture contains imagery of a graphic nature, that some may find disturbing.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Judy Popps by Dutch
Source [23]

Ya looked, didn’t ya?

Until next time….


  1. How is the Judy Popps drawing graphic and disturbing? It’s a soft, squishy, snuggly fat Judy Hopps that I want to hug and squish, despite her inevitably exploding from too many pancakes.

    • Well that was said mostly in jest, but If you’ve seen the teaser trailer for WIR2, it’s what happens next in the sequence that’s disturbing (if not necessarily graphic)

    • Some people (like myself) doesn’t like certain fetishes.
      For example: vore, m-preg, inflation (and the variatione of the latter, the force-feeding, showed in image 23), etcetera.

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