Story: Remnants

Art by CatberryX

[Rating T13][Crime][Drama][Incomplete]

A former con artist who knows everyone surely isn’t gonna slide into his new life as a police officer without any growing pains, right? In “Remnants,” commanderAIK tackles the beginning of Judy and Nick’s partnership at the ZPD, and when fragments of Nick’s past begin to pop up in their work, things aren’t as copacetic as they may seem at the end of the film. An excellently written tale full of all kinds of intrigue to keep you wanting more once you’re all caught up. ~YFWE

Author: commanderAIK

Description :
It doesn’t take long after Nick joins the ZPD to realize he’s caught in the middle of two intrinsically different lifestyles. As he and Judy take on a new mystery, he realizes the decisions he’ll have to make. Will he sever the ties or fall back into his comforting and familiar ways of the past?

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