Story: Engine Trouble

Art by mortmorrison

[Rating T13][Romance][Humor][Drama][AU]

Here’s another appealing AU where Nick and Judy have a chance meeting that changes their lives together, except the layout of this particular story is what makes it stand out from the pack. Each chapter functions as a snapshot, a small snippet of the larger picture presented in a way that unfolds the plot piece by piece without rushing through at breakneck speed. And don’t even get me started on how awesome the relationship is between the two leads here – even as a mechanic, Nick is still charming as ever, and Judy is written just like she should be, exuberant and always finding ways to make her fox act all bashful. Highly enjoyable and peppered with plenty of endearing and serious moments, “Engine Trouble” is something you should keep on your radar if you have a hankering for uniquely told WildeHopps romance stories. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Discord1

Description :
Who knew an aging, clunker of a car could bring a predator and prey together? Nick is a mechanic who meets a customer desperately trying to get one more year out of her rabbit-sized vehicle. A tale told mostly in drabbles.

Engine Trouble

Additional Tags: An engine-ious WildeHopps story that you auto check out!

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