Special Art of the Day #240: Judy’s Mom and Dad.

Bonnie Hopps and Stu Hopps by mracrizzy
Source [1]

Stu and Bonnie Hopps, two more characters with small roles but also a large impact in the Zootopia film. When first we met them, they were trying to put a damper on young Judy’s dream of one day becoming a police officer. (There’s never been a bunny cop.” “Bunnies doesn’t do that.” )

For all that, you couldn’t help liking them, and at the end of the day, it was Judy who adjusted their attitudes, not the other way around.

And so we present a collection of artwork dedicated to Judy Hopps’ parents. Enjoy, and don’t forget to show your appreciation by clicking on the original source-links.

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When Stu met Bonnie, Ca. 1985.  We can only hope Judy never finds this pic or there’s going to be some serious blackmail in the works

(Nah, she’d never do that.)

80s Stu and Bonnie by Bluedragon0812
Source [2]
Being as the waterworks are not engaged, I would hazard a guess that Stu is waving ‘hello’ not ‘good-bye’ to Judy

Bonnie and Stu Hopps by romainbowen
Source [3]
Looks like the old bunny’s still got it.

Ma and Pa Hopps by zee-stitch
Source [4]
Stu Hopps can be just wee bit exasperating at times.

Inspiring Words by kunehokun
Source [5]
…Or sometimes completely exasperating

Fox Away by drawing4ever
Source [6]
Stu shows off a prize carrot

Best Crop From Bunnyburrows by Kresblain by kresblain
Source [7]
…with a little help from his daughter.

Summer on the Farm by Doraemonbasil by doeraemonbasil
Source [8]
I’ll be the first to admit that this one’s a little on the raunchy side, but if you’ve ever done farm-work in the summertime, (I have). then you know  that this pic is spot on.

Carrot Anyone by k-9
Source [9]
Three pictures of Bonnie Hopps

Bonnie Hopps by mistystriker
Source [10]

Zootopia – Bonnie is on her Way by thatgtaguy
Source [11]

Bonnie Hopps by randomchibigirl
Source [12]
Bonnie and Judy; deep down you always knew that she was actually proud of her daughter becoming a police officer.

Judy and Bonnie Hopps by sketchwithtiff by sketchwithtiff
Source [13]
Bonnie and Judy celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s day 2016 by Marshall-Fox
Source [14]

Judy shares a laugh with her folks.

Family Picture by rustydooks
Source [15]
One of the most popular fanart subjects revolves around Nick Wilde’s first meeting with Judy’s folks.


No, it probably wouldn’t happen like this; by the end of the film, Bonnie and Stu were ina business partnership with  another fox, none other than Gideon Grey

Nick meet Judy’s Family by jakekimstory
Source [16]
This is probably closer to the mark; no problem at all with Nick on the part of Judy’s mom and dad

Family Encounter by Frava 8
Source [17]
That is, assuming she doesn’t take it to the next level.

Zootopia Alternative Ending? by lyrin93
Source [18]
My personal favorite take on the subject.

First Visit by nik 159
Source [19]
Saying good-night to Bonnie and Stu

Goodnight Stu by Kabe2Mugi by @kabe2mugi
Source [20]
No collection of Bonnie and Stu Hopps artwork would be complete without at least one pic of Nick and Judy making the big announcement to her parents.  (That’s Nick Wilde’s mother on Bonnie’s right.)

A Great News by zieglezeig
Source [21]
Well, isn’t it nice to know that Nick’s mom and Judy’s mother see eye-to-eye on their kids’ relationship?

Fire and Ice by Zieglelzieg.
color by otakure 37
Source [22]
Christmas with Stu and Bonnie.
  Until next time, folks.

Zootopia postcard Bonnie and Stu by murlik
Source [23]

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  1. Ma and Pa Hopps by zee-stitch… looks almost like the 1920s with Stu's flat cap. You sure that's not Pop-Pop and Gran?

    Fox Away by drawing4ever… "When is it NOT time for a Fox-Tazer?"

    Carrot Anyone by k-9… after 300 plus kids it's obvious that Stu STILL knows how to rev up his lady.

    A Great News by zieglezeig… I'm pretty sure Stu is about to realize that 'bun in the oven' has NOTHING to do with kitchen cleanup.

    Zootopia postcard Bonnie and Stu by murlik… Having survived the whole 'kitchen cleanup' debacle, Stu settled into grand-parenthood with enthusiasm… again… Judy wasn't the first.

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