Special Art of the Day # 238. Featured Artist – Latex

Zootopia 16 by Latex by latex
Source [1]

Among the Zootopia fan-artists, there are some who are masters of light and shadow, while others specialize in the use of perspective. Some artists know how to tell a story with only a single image, others know how to depict motion in an artwork, while still others are great as showing EMOTION in their subject.

And then there’s Latex, who can do it all. A long time favorite of the Zootopia staff, he has the unique ability to wring drama from even the most mundane situations. Here we present a collection of his Zootopia artwork for your enjoyment. Be sure to click on the source link to check out the originals. Better yet, if you’re a member of FurAffinity, give his pics a favorite

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You can almost feel the cold of the rain yourself as you look at is picture.  What is Nick about to say to Judy?  You don’t want to know, and yet you have to know.

Zootopia 7 by latex by latex
Source [2]
One of my personal favorites.  Nick’s expression looks as cold as the ice on which he’s standing.

Zootopia 21 by latex
Source [3]
Another great one; any artist will tell you that the Freeze Frame effect is very difficult to get just right.

1467211516.latex_zootopia3 by latex
Source [4]
Little bit a of role reversal here.  Usually Judy’s the one who gets frustrated while chasing Nick.

Zootopia Train by latex
Source [5]
Nick is SO going to get it for this.  Can’t you feel it?

Zootopia 22 by latex
Source [6]
Look at how Judy is draw with one ear folded down by Nick’s paw, a very nice touch.

Zootopia 20 by latex
Source [7]
She trusts you, Nick.

Zootopia 19 by latex
Source [8]
The age difference isn’t quite right here, but it’s still a great pic.  

Zootopia 17 by latex
Source [9]
Hold me.

Zootopia 9 by latex
Source [10]
I always had the feeling that the time frame of this image is right after Judy’s press conference debacle.

Zootopia 18 by latex
Source [11]
This is another one that makes you wonder what’s going on.  Nick looks bored, while Judy appears almost anxious.

Zootopia 10 by latex
Source [12]
♪ Darkness, darkness…be my pillow…”♫

Zootopia 15 Expectation of the Light by latex
Source [13]
Pretend all you want, Judy.  Nick can tell you’re not really mad at him

Zootopia 8 by latex
Source [14]
Looks like Judy is getting a bit impatient in this one

Zootopia 6 by latex
Source [15]
The title of this one says it all.  To me, it looks like Judy is having her moment of doubt.  “Can I do this?  Can I really become a police officer?”

Zootopia 13 Fear by latex
Source [16]
She’s come so far…but there’s still such a long way to go.

Zootopia 11 Fatigue by latex
Source [17]
“Dumb fox.”
“Sly bunny.”

Zootopia 2 by latex
Source [18]
“You know you love me.”

Zootopia 4 by latex
Source [19]
Carrots, WAIT!”

Zootopia Grudge by latex
Source [20]

Zootopia 1 by latex
Source [21]
When it comes to Zootopia fan-art, I must confess that I’m something of a purist.  As was said in the first teaser trailer in this world, humans never happened.   I don’t care much for Zootopia pics with humans in the frame and as a rule, I try to avoid posting them. 
However, every rule has its exceptions…and for me, this is one of them.

Zootopia Arrival by latex
Source [22]

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