[Audio Play] Boys Like You – Episode 3

Well its been a long while since this got updated! I honestly wished the series could continue, or at least just make one more episode! Well, at least we got the fanfiction! 

Creative Multitasker Productions is back one last time to give us the last update to the audiobook adaptation of the famous fanfiction, “Boys Like You”! Its been 14 months since the last update to the series and unfortunately Episode 3 will be its last update. However, this episode brings amazing artwork from various artists like Trashasaurusrex and Browntable, along with amazing voice acting!

As Julius said before, Bravo on making this possible! We hope to see more future projects like these from you guys in the near future!

Check out the last edition to “Boys Like You” right after the break!

(Since, this will be the last update, you can also check out the full fanfiction here!)


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