Story: The Unimaginable

Art by kawacy

[Rating T13][Angst][Family][Hurt/Comfort][Tragedy][AU][Complete]

For a story that seems to have been written (and continued) on a whim, the result is surprisingly good. Mrs. Otterton doesn’t get enough fics about her despite literally kicking off the main plot of the movie, and her role here is quite unique, providing comfort and insight for a fox who needs it, whether he likes it or not. It certainly brings the feels, and in more ways than you might expect. ~Berserker88

Author: LastOneOut

Description :
After Nick goes savage and kills Judy, he wishes that everyone would just leave him alone, but Mrs. Otterton never really knew when to quit.

The Unimaginable

Additional Tags: What is it with Nick and otters anyway?


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