Return To Zootopia – Episode 4: Nothing Weird

We’ve waited three months for this baby to show up, and by-far the most emotional episode in the series! Seriously, I couldn’t contain myself! 

The most anticipated episode of the “Return to Zootopia” series has finally dropped! After 3 months of waiting, we finally got Episode 4 entitled “Nothing Weird”, revealing Nick & Judy’s relationship and how the city reacts to the newly revealed police couple! You really need to watch this!

While this episode mostly focuses on their relationship, we also get a little insight on the Shell case and how dangerous it really is. From Mrs. Shell potentially getting harmed in her own hospital room, to Nick fighting Mr. Healy and getting saved from an unknown badger. This is only the beginning folks!

If you need a little refresher before Episode 4, no problem! The previous episodes are right here!

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Check out Episode 4 right after the break! (and get some tissues ready)

(I cried at the ending, i can’t handle it man!)