Art of the Day #196: Yakity Yax

mystic_springs_oasis_by_monoflax by MonoFlax
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“Whoa, I’m gonna have to hit the ‘paws’ button right there, because we’re all good on bunny-scout cookies.”

With that line we were introduced to the character of Yax, host of Mystic Springs Oasis; A naturalist club that eschews the idea of animals wearing clothes. (and in the case of Yax himself, apparently practicing fursonal hygiene.)

Here then is a gallery of artwork featuring Zootopia’s most laid-back Dood.

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Early concept pic of Yax by Shiyoon Kim
“Hey Dood, you want flies…I-I mean fries with that?”

UWantFrieZ by Shiyoon Kim
Source [2]
Yax’s room inside the Mystic Springs Oasis Club. Who’d a thunk a guy like him could keep his space so neat? 

Yax’s Bedroom by That Buck from Zooburbia by imorolfe
Source [3]

Transcendental Yax

Yax as Zenyatta by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [4]

Yax (Disney) by Yoshiknight2
Source [5]

Yax the imperial aerosol kid

Graffity Yax by ThankU830309
Source [6]
Kinda self explanatory, this one

Yax as Corban Yaxley by Rockhoppr3
Source [7]
Pic from a Zootopia AU; What if Yax had adopted little Nick?

zootopia_what_if__au_yax_and_young_nick_by_cartuneslover16-da5r6yz by Cartuneslover16
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56266550_p0 Yax by ajo by ajo
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yax_by_xnickthebestx-db0wybe by xNickTheBestx
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1513042035.hakupeony_yax by HakuPeony
Source [11]

1463670051.cseed_fredxyax_hanging_out by Cseed
Source [12]

And then there were the Zootopia Movie poster parodies;  Two of the best ones had Yax as their subject.

zootopia-sposters-03-gallery by DisneyArts
Source [13]

Zootopia-Spoof-Posters-Mad-Yax-Furry-Road by DisneyArts
Source [14]

Yax takes tea with Nangi, the Yoga Teacher

wooly_s_naturalist_cub_tea_by_sammyd_productions-dbswgdh by SammyD-Productions
Source [15]

yax___zootopia_by_kibathedemonicwolf-db0nycj by KibaTheDemonicWolf
Source [16]

Yax celebrates Earth Day

23288451@800-1492824331 by ilovecorgis
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yax_by_zerda_fox-da2yi9b by Zerda-Fox
Source [18]

CdeKAeAUYAE-fys by Moozua Mary by @MoozuaMary
Source [19]

Macro Yax

1510480432.hippobrains_yak_1 by hippobrains
Source [20]

YaxGif by David Soto
Source [21]

sketchbook___yax_by_nik159-d9wjd8x by nik159
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Rocko’s Modern Life Yax

1524709143.rockosedits_yax_rocko (1) by rockosedits
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  1. Yax was one of those funny characters that took just a little time to grow on this one before becoming a favourite, with his hilarious stoner voice that only Tommy Chong could provide, along with his excellent memory that contrasts with his spaced-out perspective. Wanted to make a character who frequents the club who shares a comedic dynamic with Yax that is the polar opposite of Bucky and Pronk's "Shut up" battles. The character and Yax have one of those hippie flower love-and-peace banters, "I love you this much, dude!" "I love you this much!" "I love you THIS MUCH!"

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