Art of the Day # 194: Let’s Dance

let_s_dance_by_ganym0-d9tlk8f by Ganym0
Source [1]

The film Zootopia featured exactly one brief dance scene, Gazelle’s concert performance, at the end, while the credits were rolling.   The Angel with Horns did more singing than dancing, and Nick and Judy never exactly danced with each other.

And yet….

Some of the best and most popular Zootopia Fanart shows the two of them dancing together.

Here then is a collection of some of the best of the Nick and Judy dance pics, (together with a few featuring some of the other Zootopia characters.) 

For this list, we’re excluding any images of Nick and Judy on the dance floor at their wedding reception. (The Wildehopps wedding pics deserve their own album.)

Get your art after the break!


We begin with a few random sketches of Nick and Judy on the dance floor

nick_and_judy__dance_buddies_by_xx_junglebeatz_xx-dbbvco3 by Credens-Vita
Source [2]
If Nick had taken Judy to the Prom.

tumblr_oeibbuquFX1t8tt8io1_1280 by nekomimiranger
Source [3]

Of course in Zootopia, nobody owns dancing like this lady  
(And always remember, The Hips Don’t Lie!)

gazelle_by_hanimetion-da1n82d by Hanimetion
Source [4]
First we had the lady, and now here are the tigers. 
(Hey, they had to start somewhere.)

1472058025.silverfox5213_zootopia_tigers_fa by silverfox5213
Source [5]

Mmmm, no I don’t think this is ever going to happen

ewe_can_dance__ewe_can_jive_by_mustlovefrogs-da2llzz by MustLoveFrogs
Source [7]
Yes they do, and foxes and bunnies dance, too.

zootopia_and_cdd_crossover_by_spicy_demon-dac46th by Spicy-Demon
Source [8]

Re, the title picture: 
Never forget Nicholas, turnabout is fair play.

2_by_ganym0-d9sv4kj by Ganym0
Source [9]
Just a nice little image of Nick and Judy dancing.

55759843_p0_master1200 by Pin69
Source [10]

There are soooo many Nick and Judy retro-dance pics out there

Jitterbug by うきゅ
Source [11]
And now for something a bit more highbrow; Judy as a ballerina.
tumblr_osko38QR3j1risyr7o1_500 by akiric
Source [12]

There have been several Zootopia + LaLa Land crossover pics posted to the net. 
This one, unfortunately, is sans graphics…but it has the best artwork of any that I’ve seen so far.

lalaland__1__by_connylikesart-db0k5cx by connylikesart
Source [13]

And now a few pics with accompanying soundtracks.  
(To keep the page from changing, right-click on the link and then click ‘Open in new Tab’.)
(‘Course if anyone else ever calls her a beast…he’ll bite their face off.)

55962348_p0_master1200 by weketa@狼琊
Source [14]
__ooh_heaven_is_a_place_on_earth_____by_dennyvixen-d9vzo27 by DVixie
Source [6]

zootopic_suit_riot_by_fascmouse-dbln6cw by roadrodent
Source [15]

its_the_hustle_sweetheart_by_pizzapupperroni-d9ukd4a by PizzaPupperRoni
Source [16]

zootopia___what_a_feeling_by_weischede-dc2nvhw by Weischede
Source [17]

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, 
Why don’t you go where fashion sits?
(Don’t be mad, be glad; I could have used the version from Young Frankenstein.)


a1777ac5514bbd72d100af7cab206ee2-db1i4x8 by Akiric
Source [19]

(Bruce Springbok’s live cover.)

You never can tell by tggeko
Source [20]
Judy are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay Judy?
You’ve been hit by
You’ve been hit by
Smooth Criminal
(Alien Ant Eater cover version)
Smooth Criminal by 羽默空 (artist)
Get down Fru-Fru

E Festa b by Miacat7
Source [21]

Dirty Dancing Zootopia by andyourteeth
Source [22]
One of my favorite Zootopia fanart pics
Whenever I look at it, I always hear Avalon by Foxy Music

1455428239.ipoke_zootopia_-_a_dance by iPoke
Source [23]
And last, but certainly not least…

1458685039.samaella_shut_up_and_dance by Sammaella
Source [24]


  1. If the Zootopia universe abided to Steven Universe logic, Judy and Nick would have danced with each other so much, that they'd fuse their bodies into one larger, stronger body, similar to the Crystal Gems.

    • I would totally watch that! Nick as an older gem that has been in many wars an ran away and Judy a new gem that is still learning how the diamonds and other worlds work, it would be a great story!

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