[ZMV] Zootopia Nick x Judy Awake and Alive (by Beikal)

“Gosh! Another ZMV? Blueberry, what are you doing?” I know, but trust me, these are pretty great! They’re catchy and give a pretty good recap of the movie in a unique way!

ZMV after ZMV, right? We’ve got another one, this time by Beikal.

This ZMV features the song “Awake and Alive,” by Skillet, and while this one may not have that much editing in it or flashy text, it gives a much better recap of the movie than anything else, as the video plays through scenes of the movie in chronological order.

Check out the video right after the break!


  1. Hmm. Admittedly "Awake and Alive" was never my favorite Skillet song (I like "Hero" and "Monster" better), but this video is nicely made. Like you said, the clips match the song rather nicely.

    Not sure why it has Nick X Judy in the title, though, as there is nothing really pairing-ish about it.

  2. By the way, if you're going to do more of these, see if you can get MokiHunter (on YouTube) to re-release the original version of his Nick Wilde video set to "Monster" by Imagine Dragons. The one on YouTube now seems to be different, and the original one had a great lead-in that's not there anymore for some reason.

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