ZNN needs a little bit more help!

Recruitment Poster, by FairyTalesArtist and Sendrax

Good morning, Zootopians!  A bit over a month ago, we opened the ZNN team up for our new round of recruiting, and the results were fantastic.  We added several phenomenal new members to the ZNN team, some of whom you may have noticed are already posting articles, like BlueberryCarrots and Kit Knightwood!

While we were able to get the help we needed in a few areas, there are two main departments we still need people to help us with: Artists and Translators.

With Artists, we need people who are skilled with digital art.  We’d basically have two types of jobs for them.  We need 1-2 artists who are good with vector and line-art to help us produce our video interviews.  We also need artists who can be “on retainer”, capable of helping us out when we need something specific for an article (like this one, which is re-using an older piece, or for the upcoming 7.5 Million Pageview Special).  We will need at least 2 or 3 of these, but as their work is more informal and spontaneous, with a focus on collaboration between artists, we’re less strict about numbers here- we’re looking for quality above all else.

As for Translators, we REALLY need people.  Specifically, we will need 2 people who can read and write in Japanese, and 1 person who can translate Korean.  If we don’t get this, then we will unfortunately be unable to bring you translated comics once again, and we really want to be able to do that for you.

If you or someone you know has the skills we’re asking for here, then join us over on the ZNN Recruitment Discord Server!  We’ll give you an “audition” of sorts, and those who pass will be made full members of the ZNN Team!

I look forward to seeing you there!  And remember, as always…

Try Everything!

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