Special Artwork of the Day #178: Happy 2-Year Anniversary, Zootopia!

Zootopia 2nd Anniversary! by TheNightManager
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It is simply amazing and fantastic to look back on these last two years since Zootopia was first released in theaters on March 4, 2016! A huge community has sprung up around this phenomenal movie, and it even won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2017! You can’t deny the cultural impact this film has had on the fandom and the world for tackling weighty topics with the right dash of optimism and hope. For this two-year anniversary, take a look at these fabulous pieces of art celebrating the two-year mark of this wilde film!

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ZOOTOPIA 2th Anniversary!! by @do2910na
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Birthday by どりー
Source [3]

Judy’s Birthday Cake by eltonpot
Source [4]

Zootopia hula party! by Foxlover91
Source [5]

Mirror Cake by n09142
Source [6]

[Title Unknown] by Nyamo❄︎iPad
Source [7]

Zool Party by MachineWithSoul
Source [8]

ACEO #46 – Blueberry-Carrot-Cake by Amalika
Source [9]

Happy Birthday! by 里
Source [10]

Hauser and Cake by ThankU830309
Source [11]

formal_party_by_bpm119-da566c1 by bpm119
Source [12]

[Title Unknown] by Nyamo❄︎iPad
Source [13]

Happy Nick and Judy day ✨✨ by soranoiro
Source [14]

Happy Birthday – Feliz Cumpleanos Zootopia by Richmen
Source [15]

Birthday Gift by gokhan16
Source [16]

Happy Birthday Carrots by Smithfox
Source [17]

First Zootopia Anniversary by mosgorarts
Source [18]

Happy Birthday!! by StardustAndrew
Source [19]

Happy Anniversary, Zootopia! by Elite-113
Source [20]

partyhard by Miles-DF
Source [21]

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