Comic: Collar Check (by Jailbird)

Zoo•dys•to•pia: {zo͞o’disˈtōpēə} noun. A dystopian version of Zootopia.

If you didn’t know already, Zootopia went through a lot of changes during its production, one of which was the “Zoodystopia” concept, where all predators had to wear a shock collar, and where Nick was the main character running an amusement park called Wild Times.

Jailbird illustrates the concept greatly in the comic “Collar Check”. Where Nick takes off a collar of a little kit for the first time at Wild Times! It emotional to think, that this concept could have been part of the movie.

Check out the full comic on Jailbird’s FurAffinity page right after the break!

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  1. Old, but still endearing.
    I am glad they did not use the original concept, but if they had then this aspect would have been one of the highlights.

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