Story: It’s Called a Surprise, Sweetheart

Art by HyenaTig

[Rating K9][Friendship][Humor][Slice of Life][Incomplete]

In the follow-up to “Movie Night,” BeecroftA tells the tale of Judy Hopps’ plan to get Nick Wilde the birthday party he deserves — and it’s a surprise, no less. Naturally, Nick figures out what’s going on fairly quickly, and what ensues is a mix of flashbacks and present-day events as facets of Nick’s past are revealed alongside plans to make the surprise an actual, you know, surprise. Some lovely slice-of-life happenstance here. ~YFWE

Author: BeecroftA

Description :
After Nick finds out Judy is planning a surprise birthday party for him, an unusual plan B is concocted. Partially inspired by a classic episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show.

It’s Called a Surprise, Sweetheart

Additional Tags: what happens when your surprise is nearly ruined right off the bat?


  1. I'm really proud of how this one is going so far – I love seeing Nick and Judy play mind games with each other. Expect a big update next week!

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