Robot Chicken features Zootopia!

You know how Weird Al Yankovic doing a parody of your song is the highest honor and mark of success in the music industry?  A movie getting parodied by a long-running comedy series is similar to that, and Zootopia’s made it in that regard!

…what do you mean, that’s not actually a thing?  Of course it is!  I know more Weird Al parodies than I do actual pop songs they were based on!

Regardless, this last sunday Robot Chicken, Adult Swim’s staple stop-motion show, had a short sketch involving none other than Zootopia’s finest, Judy Hopps!  I won’t spoil the joke, but if you’re at all familiar with Robot Chicken, then the somewhat dark humor should come as no surprise.

Check it out over on Adult Swim, where you can find it in the episode “Scoot to the Gute”.  I will note that this is a show that earns its TV-MA rating, so if you only want to see the Zootopia part of the episode, skip to about 3:47.  Or you can do what I did and go over to the zootopia subreddit, where the user u/virtualhideoutkyrpto was kind enough to upload this clip in isolation.  Thanks for that!


  1. While it was certainly nice to see Zootopia still in the pop-culture consciousness, the joke of the scene was just kinda meh… it wasn't so much offensive as it was lazy. The Robot Chicken team obviously didn't put forth much effort to learn that the Zootopia creative team actually considered the whole "if all animals are intelligent, what do they eat?" problem and decided that not every animal evolved.

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