Story: Year of Discovery

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver

[Rating M16][Hurt/Comfort][Romance][Incomplete]

A magnificent journey into the past, where a rabbit and a fox form an unlikely acquaintanceship — and perhaps something more — despite the long-simmering tensions between their kinds. “Year of Discovery” includes eye-popping visuals, engaging and believable dialogue, and above all some expertly written characterizations of Judy and Nick as they meet and slowly warm to each other. A must-read. ~YFWE

Author: ADeadMissionary

Description :
In a time when interspecies cooperation is still unthinkable to most and prey being hunted by predators is a fact of daily life, circumstances force two natural enemies together. As time passes, can they learn to overcome their instincts and trust one another, or will they let nature have its way?

Year of Discovery
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