Art of the Day #158: Summer Down South

Beach Bums by fanartiguess
Source [1]

Hi everyone! It’s Chris here!

While in one side of the world it’s still freezing cold, the other side it’s warm and quite enjoyable for fun at the beach. Well, it’s Summer time here in Brazil. As an anticipation for your moment to “shine” during June, what about a nice collection of Summer themed artworks? So you can at least think warm thoughts while you’re freezing your butts off.

Remember to always check the link below the artworks to share your support and love to the artists. Enjoy!

Beach bunny! by FOX-POP
Source [2]
Day At The Beach – Part 1 by TheWinterBunny by TheWinterBunny
Source [3]

Beach drawings (Gidoen) by ThankU830309
Source [4]

Judy with a fashionable swimsuit by EzequielBR
Source [5]

ズートピアつめあわせ4 by Mitsuharu
Source [6]

swimming training by Francesca-ictbs
Source [7]

Look At That! by fanartiguess
Source [8]

Swimsuit Otterton by OsakaOji
Source [9]

I’m Gazelle by yelnatsdraws
Source [10]

Summer Judy by zigrock001
Source [11]

[fanart] Have A Treat by 7THeaven
Source [12]

vacations#2 by Holmssie
Source [13]

Cul-de-sac Hustlers by emiemi345
Source [14]

Laser Radial Sailing with Finnick by DDesuka
Source [15]

Friends in Summer by Nippy13
Source [16]

Pawpiscle by n09142
Source [17]

bogo on vacation by meatballsaucy
Source [18]

Judy Hopps by JudyHopps44
Source [19]

How to Celebrate at the Beach by KendallCollins
Source [20]

Sun’s Out, Bun’s Out! by xRandomGurl
Source [21]

Summer 2017 by Frava8
Source [22]

Shades by Gerardson
Source [23]

summer lovin’ by sunnybunnii
Source [24]

Summertime For Judy! by TheBigGeeWhizz
Source [25]

Wouldn’t it be nice by hykez87
Source [26]

Nick Wilde on the beach by TheCriminalPanther
Source [27]

Finnick has Arrived by KendallCollins
Source [28]

Zootopia – Judy on the beach by Nekr0ns
Source [29]


  1. #1: Noticed that "Pepzee" cup. Clever!

    #8: Love that style. So cartoony!

    #16: Nick's finally chilling with his soulmate. I mean spirit animal. I mean…friend? How would you describe that kind of relationship?

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