Watch Nick and Judy in Disney On Ice! …kinda

Skating on a roof by MurLik

Last week we reported that Zootopia was finally getting a small inclusion in Disney on Ice as part of the pre-show, Fit to Dance.  The news was a bit underwhelming, considering that it was only a pre-show and that it was only available in Australia, but some news was better than no news.

Well, thanks to Justin Rafferty, we now have footage of that pre-show.  It’s interesting how it seems like they actually got Jason Bateman to do some lines for Nick, but Judy does not sound like Ginnifer Goodwin.  I was also hoping that they’d actually be on ice for this, but I guess that’s a bit much to ask of people in big heavy costumes.

Check it out after the break!


  1. Just wanted to note, this video is from "Passport to adventure" (the Disney on Ice show in the UK), not the "100 Years of Magic" show in Australia, though the "Fit to dance" pre-show with Zootopia/Zootropolis is featured in both shows.

  2. I couldn't stop staring at Nick's tail as he moved. It's almost hypnotic at times. I'm really glad they had Jason to do the voice too!

    Come on Disney, we need a sequel before it's too late to have the original voice actors and crew! Besides, it would practically write itself IMO.

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