Zootopia FINALLY gets into Disney On Ice!

This has been one exciting week for news, hasn’t it?  First the Goldman case gets shut down, then we get to see three storyboards from an older version of the movie, and now we find out that Zootopia is finally going to be included in Disney on Ice!

While not part of the main show (for some reason), Nick and Judy will be participating in the pre-show, “Fit to Dance”!  This show, part of the “100 Years of Magic” tour, will be in Australia this winter.  No news yet when it’s coming to any other countries, but we gotta start somewhere, right?  As Bellwether says, “feels good to be appreciated.”

Check out the promo video (which features a clip of Nick and Judy entering the rink) here!


  1. While it's a small step in the right direction, to me, a small pre-show just isn't good enough, at least for someone like myself.

    I mean, why the Hell does the Lion King have more of a role in this show than Zootopia, when it was in the same situation as that movie: Up against an indigenous princess movie (Pocahontas in TLK's case, Moana in Zootopia's case) it was expected to lose against only to win against it anyway?

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