Story: A Wedding Tail

Art by Alec8ter, Color by MisterMead

[Rating K9][Fluff][Romance][Marriage][One-shot]

It’s always fun to see characters from the concept art brought to life. In this case, Pandora shows us a day in the life of three mammals at Koslov’s Palace, as the whole of Zootopia is caught up in the spectacle of Judy’s impending marriage to an unknown mammal. Pandora cleverly uses the other mammals as a mirror to the fandom as they debate who Judy’s groom-to-be could possibly be. Bets are placed, but who will take the pot? Short, cute, and fluffy – this is a perfect story to read over your morning coffee. ~Bummer

Author: Pandora (paperclipbutterfly)

Description :
Judy Hopps’ wedding day has arrived, and all the mammals in Zootopia have just one question on their minds: Who is the lucky groom? Silly one shot taking place in Koslov’s Palace Spa as coworkers Beverly, Janice, and Biddy argue who the famous bunny will be tying the knot with and putting their money where their ships are.

A Wedding Tail

Additional Tags: The shipping equivalent of quantum superposition.


  1. It's not a bad story just a rather unsatisfying one. All it does is show a group of arctic vixens listening to the wedding and speculating via a betting pool who the groom might be. In the end, nothing is resolved as the author even says it's up to you to decide. Even the slight emotional concern you might have over the vixen who hopes to win the betting pool to help her out of a financial slump is left unresolved. So after 2729 words you end up exactly where you started and wonder what was the point.

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