Art of the Day #139- Veteran’s Day

The I.T. room at the ZPD by MurLik
Source [1]

Happy Belated Veteran’s Day!

Yeah, we know this is about a few days late, but we still wish to honor, respect and salute all our military men and women in uniform across the world and in every country! Each day, these brave souls venture out and sacrifice their time and energy from their loved ones to serve their town, city, state or country. Each day, these diligent souls put in overtime and many hours past what most consider a normal work day to get the job done. Each day, many of these heroic souls have witnessed their buddies pay the final price to defend the freedoms we enjoy today and continue to live with those memories. If you know a person (or fur) in uniform, reach out and thank them for their service and maybe get them a donut or two as appreciation. Clawhauser would sure appreciate it! To all the veterans out there, (and also from one veteran to another), we salute you!


Get your Veteran inspired art after the break!

Wildehopps Week ‘Purpose’ by Caliosidhe
Source [2]

At the Top of the ZPD by FinnickAbrenica09
Source [3]

by e Star
Source [4]

[Zootopia] Nickjudy by Area
Source [5]

Zootopia Police by Sophillia
Source [6]

Swedish ZPD by axelEGandersson
Source [7]

Broken… by TheWinterBunny
Source [8]

Synchronize transformation with Chief Bogo and Judy Hopps by pitiyindee
Source [9]

Detective Bogo – Zootopia Fanart by Phillip Herman
Source [10]

Chief Bogo by innerbear
Source [11]

Chief Bogo by FurryLovePup
Source [12]

Chief Bogo by LionKingRulez
Source [13]

Chief Bogo (Disney) by Yoshiknight2
Source [14]

Nick wilde Police officer (special 243 watchers ) by troodont
Source [15]

When the chief tells a joke by the-fire-prince
Source [16]

It’s Clawhauser by ReggieJWorkshop
Source [17]

Officer Clawhauser by ninja-inu
Source [18]

[fanart] Clawhauser by 7THeaven
Source [19]

Zootopia sky police by spaceMAXmarine
Source [20]

Judy Hopps x Bonkers D. Bobcat ! – Disney Cops #2 by Timon-Berkowitz
Source [21]

zootopia(fan art) by Brian Lueng
Source [22]

Victorian Zootopia Traditional Clothes 05 by FairytalesArtist
Source [23]

Judy’s K-9 Pack by SummerShe-Wolf
Source [24]

Zootopia Sketch – 06 by Guephren
Source [25]

ズートピアの教官 by NOGI(のぎ)
Source [26]

Zootopia : Officer Tiger by Mushstone
Source [27]

Zootopia Police (Sketch) by lobowupp
Source [28]

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