Comic: This Is What True Love Looks Like, Part 1 (by Sprinkah and Uzrfrndly)

And now, a dramatic recreation of actual events.  In script format!

INT. ZNN OFFICES.  It’s about time to close for the day, and ANDY LAGOPUS is getting a final round of suggestions for the next day’s posts.
So team, do we have anything else to feature tomorrow?
Well, there’s some new pages on Sprinkah’s comic.  I don’t know where we left off on that, but that could be good.
Good idea, that’s a great one!
*Searches our archives to see where we left off*
Are you kidding me…  WE NEVER FEATURED IT BEFORE?!
We’re fixing this.  RIGHT.  NOW.

So… yeah.  This comic is such a classic, and it’s still ongoing, so by all accounts it should have been featured on ZNN over a year ago.  I’m genuinely sorry we didn’t cover this sooner.  Sorry about that.

This Is What True Love Looks Like is a beautiful comic of Nick and Judy during a difficult pregnancy (no, Nick isn’t the father) by Sprinkah, who’s been an insanely talented staple of the art community in this fandom for ages.  It will pull on your emotions and fill you with love and joy- especially the way Nick and Judy look at her babies.  The title says it all: This is what True Love looks like.

Working alongside Sprinkah is UzrFrndly, the author in this fantastic author/artist duo!  I love it when we get those!  You can find the fanfiction version over on Archive Of Our Own!

Give the first 17 pages of it a read either on Sprinkah’s Deviantart (aka EmberLarelle276) or after the break!

Dialogue for page 1
Judy: Ughh… Nick, what happened?
Nick: You fainted, straight into my arms.  You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extreme measur- *gets smacked by Judy*


  1. This was the comic that got me to start writing, AND gave me an instant distaste for Jack. Unfortunately, after I let Judy have a little multiversal payback on him for this, he started to grow on me… Buuuut I might have altered his character a bit…

    Sprinkah is great, all those tearful shots of Judy are so heartwrenching, and I can't wait to see how he freestyles the rest of the story.

  2. Oh… Oh no… don't get me wrong the art style is great and everything but the story telling up to the current page… Let's just say it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of storytelling.

    • Well the story was written by UsrFrndly, at least the first half, but when everyone started to see the comic, Sprinkah had to finish the story (at least that's my understanding of it). It's a complicated situation and coming up with a satifying ending isn't going to be easy.

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