What if Zootopia was a Crime Drama series on Netflix?

By now I’m sure most of you have heard that Disney is withdrawing from Netflix in order to make their own video streaming service.  Now, if any other company were to do that I’d be concerned, but this is Disney we’re talking about here- I’d gladly pay a monthly subscription to watch any disney movie at any time.

However, until that happens, Disney just keeps adding more and more stuff to the streaming platform, with Zootopia being on there ever since it was released on DVD/Blu-ray.  So imagine for a second if the situation was reversed, and Disney was the “new kid on the block”, so to speak.  What might Zootopia have been like if it were produced by Netflix as a season-long crime drama?

Well, if that question ever crossed your mind before, Kenilem has the answer for you!  A bit of slick editing here, a washed-out color palette there, and you’ve got yourselves a gritty mystery show.

Check it out after the break, and subscribe to Kenilem for more videos!


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