Story: Continuous Thunder

Art by: Sanji Seo

[Rating T13][Crime][Mystery][Drama]

YFWE does it again with this nail-biting, suspenseful thriller! Originally written for last year’s NaZoWriMo challenge, this story follows Nick and Judy in an engrossing mystery that could have significant repercussions for both them and the city as a whole. A strange fireworks display heralds the return of a menacing figure who not only was infamous for his shady dealings in Zootopia many years ago, but also was directly involved in a devastating incident from Nick’s past, something that still haunts the fox to this very day. Boasting clever dialogue, a strong cast of characters, and a plot that gets more intriguing with each successive chapter, “Continuous Thunder” is a work that will enthrall you and have you clamoring for more. – DrummerMax64

Author: YFWE

Description :
Nick Wilde might have gone his entire life without telling anyone how his father died. But these things, they come up sometimes. Especially when his killer may be back in Zootopia.

Continuous Thunder
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Additional Tags: If you ride like lightning, you’re going to crash like thunder.

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