Story: The Short List

Art by: Faffy

[Rating T13][Mystery][Crime][Friendship]

Our two partners are ensnared in a dangerous new case that will have ramifications for the entire city of Zootopia in this spellbinding work by BookerOfWit. In the aftermath of an arson attempt on a mayoral candidate, Nick and Judy have to pursue a fiendish individual before he has a chance to target the other contenders for the position. What follows is a high-risk yet entertaining story that has an unpredictable plot, engaging dialogue and faithful characterizations, and the fiery political climate adds just the right amount of intrigue to hold your attention. – DrummerMax64

Author: BookerOfWit

Description :
After a major hotel is burnt down in Zootopia, Officer Judy Hopps is placed in charge of the investigation. Together with her partner, Nick Wilde, they attempt to find the perpetrator responsible for the fire. But as their investigation deepens, they begin to suspect that they aren’t dealing with a standard arsonist, and the entire ZPD is thrown into disarray as a citywide mammalhunt begins.

The Short List
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  1. Very happy to see this story featured. It's one of my personal favourites and an excellent read. I definitely suggest that folks check it out. It'll keep you entertained!

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