Art of the Day #115- Claws Out for Clawhauser!

Zootopia – Clawhauser – 01 by fantchi
Source [1]

What did Clawhauser look like when he was a rookie?  Like, before all the donuts went to his gut.  Come to think of it, just how long has he been behind that desk?

Either way, it’s been way too long since clawhauser had his own Art of the Day.  Time to give our precious cinnamon roll a bit more time in the spotlight!

Get your art after the break!

You got the app too by Nanerflakes
Source [2]

Alchemist-ClawHauser and TU by ThankU830309
Source [3]

Officer Clawhauser by ninja-inu
Source [4]

Clawhauser by vinzound
Source [5]

Clawhauser by Noxa-Neko
Source [6]


Zootopia – Clawhauser – 02 by fantchi

New Year clothing x 2P color (ClawHauser) by ThankU830309
Source [8]

Zootopia Benjamin Clawhauser by FairytalesArtist
Source [9]

Try everything by Laurael
Source [10]

Clawhauser as Sumo Wrestler by napalmhonour
Source [11]

Clawhugs by CaptainSkee
Source [12]

Soodd by BenzBT
Source [13]

benjamin by In212
Source [14]

The power of the donuts! by dadre-amber
Source [15]

bogo and clawhauser by meatballsaucy
Source [16]

Clawhauser by MrBowz
Source [17]

Disney’s ‘Zootopia:’ Benjamin Clawhauser by Alexbee1236
Source [18]

Zootopia : Po and Clawhauser by sheep7465
Source [19]

Run, Clawhauser, RUN! by pitiyindee
Source [20]

Cop Buddies Tiger and Clawhauser by BenJJedi
Source [21]

Zootopia: Baby Benjamin and his big donut! by Fredvegerano
Source [22]

Clawhauser doodle by the-fire-prince
Source [23]

Benjamin Clawhouser by LionKingRulez by LionKingRulez
Source [24]

motto MuchiMuchi Clawhauser -Zootopia fanart – by inuiookawa
Source [25]

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