Story: …And All That Jazz

Art by: SR

[Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Action][Adventure]

Some of the most interesting stories in the fandom are the alternate universes, and as far as I can tell, this is one of the first, if not THE first, to have Zootopia in the height of the Jazz Age, with gangsters and corruption and bootlegging galore. This work delivers a creative, realistic portrayal of the city and its inhabitants during this time period, and on top of that, has an engrossing storyline to sink your teeth into. True, the plot does follow the familiar route of Judy wanting to prove herself and forcing a reluctant Nick to begrudgingly assist her, but WANMWAD’s careful direction, the fascinating setting and the historical accuracy make this a worthwhile read. And if history is something that appeals to you, the mini lessons at the end of each chapter are a nice bonus too! – DrummerMax64


Description :
The year is 1927. Prohibition is in full swing and notorious gangster Mr. Big is behind bars for tax evasion. When his rivals start turning up dead, it seems his gang may still be bootlegging. Desperate to prove herself and put an end to the violence, rookie agent Judy Hopps pulls Nicholas Wilde out of the Witness Protection Program. Can she trust the fox who put Mr. Big away?

…And All That Jazz
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