Story: Safe Paws

Art by: TheWinterBunny

[Rating M16][Romance][Hurt/Comfort][Friendship]

There’s nothing quite like a comforting WildeHopps romance story to indulge in and warm your heart, and this one’s no exception. A bona fide fluff-fest of epic proportions, this work explores Nick and Judy’s deepening relationship, one forged through trust and compassion, as they come to understand each other better in the days following Bellwether’s arrest. The banter and rapport they share in this fic is exquisite, and midnightopheliac brilliantly combines moments of merriment with moments of solace to create one heck of a slow burn that takes its time to gradually develop the profound love between these two. A phenomenal – and unbelievably sweet – story that’s a must-read for all WildeHopps fans out there! – DrummerMax64

Author: midnightopheliac

Description :
Judy learns more about Nick’s past and a secret that’s holding him back. Judy doesn’t know when to quit and takes matters into her own paws. When Judy leaves for the police academy both of them are faced with feelings for one another they never thought they’d have. In unchartered waters, can they turn their friendship into something more?

Safe Paws
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  1. Wow first of all I'd just love to express the fact that midnight is extremely talented and I'm so grateful she's being appreciated and recognized for her and her wonderful story. I can honestly say I've been with this story since dayou one and getting to see it grow into what it is today and experience the fluff and everything about it I'm just amazed. People who aren't reading this story are truly missing out

  2. I feel like I need to clarify that my fic is 95{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} fluff with 5{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} angst. Remember Wolford's words in chapter 12? 'If there were only good in the world, you’d never know to value and treasure it.'

    Thanks for contacting me across all my platforms with your concerns.

    However, I don't feel like people need to be made hyperaware of the plot point. It's a little traumatic perhaps, but this is an M rated fic for a reason.

    The focus is on the relationship between Nick and Judy for 95{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1}+ of the story and I don't want potential readers thinking the whole thing is doom and gloom because of a side character. The issue only crops up in a handful of chapters and on A03 it's tagged appropriately.

  3. If you haven't read this great story… You are missing out on some great work! Feels, angst, romance humor, fluff, Winterbunny's phenomenal art. Midnightopheliac has really thought out her story, has some great little bits about Fox and Bunny relationships, and invents a delightful and touching bit of romantic fluffery that's a major factor in the story.

    Then there's Sasha Scene Stealer… 🙂 A wonderful story with some really heavy feels. Run, don't walk to this work of art! (And the author is a delightful person to communicate with, as well…) Stubat

  4. There's an error in the description. Nick is the one leaving for police academy, isn't he? Doesn't boded well for the story…

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