Poll: Which Obscure Zootopia Characters do you want to know more about?

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a good poll, hasn’t it?

In a recent quiz by Oh My Disney, we were challenged to see which obscure character we most relate with.  This opened our eyes to the extensive collection of obscure characters that Zootopia has- the ones who get a second or two in the spotlight by virtue of briefly interacting with the main characters, but who never get a name, and rarely get so much as a line of dialogue.  They’re more prominent than Extras, but smaller than side characters, and I think they deserve a bit more attention than they were given.

So today, let’s take a second and appreciate all the mammals whose lives were directly affected, in some small way, by Nick and Judy’s actions throughout the film.  We’ve gone through the film and found about 40 of them, so let’s put it to a vote!  Who do you want to learn more about?  Who will tell their story?

We will be running this poll for the next two weeks, (until Monday, July 17th, at Midnight Pacific time).  At that point, we will see which mammals were the top ten most popular, and then we’ll set about the process of deciding on names for them!*

This poll won’t be on the side bar (unless one of our Code Monkeys can figure out a way to do that) but rather, you can find it for yourself by following this link here, or by checking out the full illustrated list after the break!

*Feel free to leave any suggestions for names down in the comments section- that’ll help later on


  1. If you do something about Nick's mother, don't forget to talk about the headcanon theories, for example I like how Nick's mother is described in "A Fox and A Rabbit" (ShippingMammals) or some other fics

  2. This will be fun, but Travis will count for this list? I mean he said like 2 lines as I remember.

    Just one little detail, in the deadline date, it´s "July 17th" not "June 17th".

    • Ooh, thanks for that catch!

      As for travis… I dunno? He got an official name, had lines, and was in more than one scene, so I'd say he qualifies as a secondary (or maybe tertiary) character, rather than "obscure".

  3. I lol'd at "Stupid Sexy Tigers"

    I really want to hear more about the wolves in general; whether they're mercenaries or personal friends of Lionheart or what. Also, Gary and Larry are my OTP :3

  4. Looks like Mrs. Wilde is winning the votes by a head…but there are a lot of characters that we'd all probably like elaborated on a little.

  5. We at least know the sheep kids are Sharla and Gareth. I named the Tigers in my own stories but that's just my own opinion. And I was about 70{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} certain that armadillo was Judy's landlady.

  6. The Rhino that almost crushed Judy appears three times in the movie. He stands out because of his unique cyan-colored t-shirt with a skeletal Ram with Horns on it. You see him getting off the train right behind Judy as she arrives in Zootopia. He's in the queue line when Nick and Judy arrive at the DMV, and finally he nearly steps on Judy. What's interesting is that Jesse the Ram is wearing a similar t-shirt (in black) when he and Woolter are attacking Nick and Judy on the subway car.

  7. "Judy's Police Academy Classmates"
    Because she can't have been the only graduate. And it'd flesh her out more for her to have made friends with, or have coworkers, who went through training with her.

    "Anyone in the Scurry"
    Though, really, I'd be more interested in seeing the implications it had for Little Rodentia in general. Like how ticked off everyone living in the buildings that almost got domino'd were to find out their residences weren't up to code, for example.

    "Nick's Mom"
    Obvious answer is obvious.

    "Pack 914"
    Can't imagine the adults were thrilled if/when they found out why their first fox only showed up once.

    "The Savage Jumpscare Tiger"
    Him/her, along with Emmett Otterton and Mr. Manchas, as they go through rehab, both as they slowly regain their sentience, and as they come to terms with what they did while savage. "Hello, I'm Barry, and I was a savage predator." "Hello Barry."

    "Gazelle's Stupid Sexy Tigers"
    They're so very clearly much more than just her backup dancers (and no, I am not suggesting anything sexual).

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