Comic: Where’s the Foscar? (Original by Borba)

Fun Fact: Disney actually does have a shelf with their awards on it.  But just like this comic implies, there are WAY too many for a single shelf (or even wall, for that matter) to handle.  What they do with the rest, I have no idea.  Probably use them as paperweights or something.  They’re practically drowning in the things.

This comic comes to us from the always-excellent Borba!  It’s a continuation of a running joke from his comic, “A Funny Joke”, where he left some space on the shelf for it… then filled it in when we won.

Check it out over on deviantart, or after the break!


  1. I believe most of Disney's Oscars are on display at their various worldwide parks. My favorite one is the special achievement Oscar they presented to Disney himself for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, along with the regular statue, was a tapered base with seven miniature ones. I saw it at Disney World Florida.

    • Oh and congratulations to Byron Hogward for the Annie Award on the far right, next to the very tomato like Golden Persimmon.

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