The r/Zootopia Anthology, Volume 1: Gritty Zootopia

Art by: sheep7465

[Rating M16][Drama][Crime][Suspense][Complete]

In a metropolis like Zootopia, there’s bound to be a darker, more sinister side to what you see on the surface. This community anthology digs into the deepest bowels of the city to bring to light the vile incidents that occur behind closed doors, in pitch-black alleys, and in other nooks and crannies hidden throughout the city. The authors who wrote these chapters skillfully depict a grittier version of Zootopia, squalor and all, and you’ll be fascinated by what they have to offer. Brutal, mysterious, and full of depravity. – DrummerMax64

Author: CDNCrow, Draes Letum, Lunar Blue, PullTogether, twocentnuisance, UneventfulWaffle, vulpinewizard

Description :
This work is a community developed anthology from the Zootopia subreddit. Collectively, we voted on a common theme, and submitted stories based around that theme. For this volume, the theme of a gritty Zootopia was proposed by u/TheAckabackA. We hope you enjoy the anthology.

R/Zootopia Anthology Volume 1: Gritty Zootopia
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