Fallout: Zootopia gets an audiobook!

Art by Quirky-middle-child

One of my all-time favorite stories, Fallout: Zootopia, is now avaliable in an easy-to-manage audiobook format!

Read and Produced by Ink Stained Canvas (with some guidance on voices from the author, CiderStripes), this 10-hour long audio book has covered the first 20 chapters, so it’s only 1/4 of the way done.  However, it updates on a regular basis, every single week, so if you subscribe to Ink’s channel you’ll be treated to more Fallout in your subscription feed every Monday!

Even better, if you’d like to download it so you can listen on the go, there are links to the soundcloud files for each chapter in the video description.  If you have never read Fallout: Zootopia before, you now have absolutely no excuse, do you?  After all, it’s a free audiobook!

You can find all these chapters on Youtube, subscribe to Ink Stained Canvas, and start listening to one of the best Post-Apocalypse stories in the fandom after the break!


  1. Cider Stripes here! I think Ink Stained Canvas has done a wonderful job on my story, especially how he tries to keep all the different voices separated with unique vocalizations.

    Just so anyone who reads this know, I am still here, but due to computer issues, along with recently moving to another state, my writing has been paused until I can replace my computer, but I am still churning out ideas left and right so when I do get back to writing, I will have plenty of fodder to make sure I have something for everyone to enjoy.

  2. This one always looked cool, but I never had the time to read it. Now that it's an audiobook, I guarantee that I'll listen to all of it.

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