Overwatch references Zootopia?

Overwatch is AWESOME.  Blizzard’s first foray into the world of competitive hero-based first person shooters has been nothing short of a tremendous success!  The lore is rich and mysterious, the characters have history, and they all have both distinct and unique personalities.  It’s obvious that the developers love what they do, and sometimes, they will sneak pop culture references into their games.
So, when Blizzard announced that another game of theirs, Heroes of the Storm (Heroes), was getting a major update alongside an event gets you rewards in both Heroes and Overwatch, a lot of people got excited.  But not as excited as some people in the Zootopia community, when they saw D.va’s new Police Officer skin that you can only unlock by participating in this event.
Now, we don’t have any official word from Blizzard if this is a reference to a certain Bunny Cop we all know and love. However, it does seem to be quite the coincidence that the character who paints rabbits onto her mech, whose ultimate attack icon is a rabbit, and who has a very optimistic and “go-get em” personality (much like our favorite rabbit), gets a Police Officer themed skin.  After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Blizzard has referenced Zootopia (they reference Clawhauser in their World of Warcraft patch notes last April Fool’s Day).
Is this all speculation?  Absolutely.  We won’t know if this was a deliberate reference until either we get confirmation from Blizzard, or until week 2 of the event, when we’ll find out if this new skin has any unique lines of dialogue.  Personally, I’m holding out hope for “Sly D.va, Dumb Reaper”, or something obvious like that.  However, in the meantime, let us know in the comments what you think.  Is this deliberate, or just coincidence?
If you’d like more information on how you can earn this skin for yourself, you can check out the event details over on Battle.net, or check after the break for a youtube video that explains it all simply and clearly.

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