Story: The Violet Diaries

Art by: Diana

[Rating T13][Romance][Drama][Family]

The adorableness levels are cranked up to eleven in this delightful work centered around a sweet little ball o’ fluff, who just so happens to be Nick and Judy’s miracle kit. I lost track of how many times I ‘awwed’ while reading this due to how lovable Violet is and the hijinks she and her parents get into as they learn and grow as a family. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you can’t help but admire how undeniably cute this story is. Fun, engaging, and heartwarming, with a bit of drama thrown in for good measure. -DrummerMax64

Author: Helthehatter

Description :
Reality had Judy sitting on the cold floor of the pharmacy’s bathroom, staring through her tears at the plastic stick between her fingers, at the red plus sign that told her the sudden tiredness and nausea were for a reason. She had never heard of a fox impregnating a rabbit.

The Violet Diaries
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    • I thought the author had simply decided to move over to AO3? I think that's a misconception due to the odd way Helthehatter made the announcement on They were getting a fair bit of flak for the recent direction of the story (and the size of updates), so I wonder if it was an intentional move to cull the crowd down to those who still enjoyed it.

    • "Sorry guys I have to take a break. A LONG break from everything tumblr and fanfiction and everything."


      "I'm gonna find a writer who deserves a fan base like you and I'll give them this story"

      Both quotes from the author

    • Also (via tumblr):

      -"But yeah… is dead to me."

      -"Nope – because it’s a *redacted* site that won’t even let you send links, apparently ignores reports of crazy people and is full of entitled *redacted* that made me feel so guilty for feeling threatened they made me have a panic attack."

      Everything points to the link either being left permanently or eventually being outright taken down, and moved to AO3.

  1. Here's hoping they don't abandon the story or remove it entirely from fanfiction; not everyone has AO3 or Tumblr accounts (I'd never get anything done if I did), and while not my favorite this is a good enough story that the author should be getting support and support alone (and moronic internet trolls should be put on the list for a witch hunt…)

  2. I've been in contact with the author. Unfortunately due to some sever hate and bullying he received on he was trying to secretly move off of that particular site and continue posting to AO3 under a different name.

    His intention was to individually message all fans who sent him a PM and inform them of the move, in order to keep the person he was avoiding from finding out and following him to AO3. Sadly, due to some inconsiderate comments made by disgruntled fans of the story, his plans were revealed and the person he was avoiding knew what he was trying to do.

    Unable to deal with the constant pressure and now the almost assured persistence of the online bully, the author decided to take a break from writing all together.

    I want to make a point to everyone who sees this comment. No one deserves to be bullied, online or otherwise. We should all do our best to prevent such things from happening and help to provide a support system for fellow Zootopia fans. In the ever inspirational words of Judy Hopps we all need to help "make the world a better place".

    Please, I hope that Helthehatter comes back, but we all need to give him the time he needs to figure out where to move from here. I hope he sees these comments and knows that he has support that will never waiver. If he needs us, we are here.

    ~ Mark306 (I don't have an account on here just yet)

    • Wow… That is very unfortunate. I had figured as much, but it's still sad to hear. I mean… This is just a fandom. I've seen this sort of thing occur in pretty much every fandom, but I always find myself dumbfounded when it happens: Why does ANYONE have to take ANYTHING in a fandom that seriously? We're all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, right?
      I mean, I know I've been writing MY fanfiction just for the fun of it. Sure, I want it to have quality, but I'm also not agonizing over it. I'd be crushed if I were in Helthehatter's position! So what if some people didn't like what they'd done with the story? It still doesn't give them the right to ruin the author's fun.

      TL;DR – It's just a fandom, and it's just a fanfiction. Can't we all just let each other have fun?

    • I totally agree. Its a fandom designed to be fun and inviting. No one should feel pressured into writing just for the sake of appeasing the fans. I couldn't believe what he told me. For someone to go out of there way to bully and threaten him is just too much.

      Also, I do have to agree with his comments regarding While a good option for avid readers … not exactly the most inviting site for those who want to write.

  3. I have to say, I've been reading Helthehatter since last year when Zootopia High was released, its unfortunate and a bad apple can ruin it for all. Although he or she had given us many great stories so I think a break is well deserved.

  4. Man… I hate bullies, especially the digital bullies.

    I discovered the violet diaries only recently (one week ago tops), only to discover the writer needs a break because of bullying. Just my luck again. However, I started reading other fanfics of him/her and I was blown away by them. I can only hope the writer will return someday. For now, I wish him/her the best. I'll wait with patience until the story continues.


  5. I know this is like a year late, but "Dear Theodosia" in the musical Hamilton pretty much is Nick's point of view. (Except for switching around names obviously).

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