Story: Pastoral

Art: Zootopia-Judy Hopps

[Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Romance][Angst][Complete]

Enthralling and handling its angst with a deft touch, this is the kind of emotional story that sticks with you long after reading it. We all know Judy as the optimistic little bunny who has a positive outlook on life and endeavors to help her fair city in any way she can. After a harrowing experience, however, her ideals and faith in Zootopia are tarnished, kicking off a series of events that forces her back to Bunnyburrow. One of the early greats in the fandom, you’ll no doubt be immersed into this story as you follow Judy and Nick on an epic journey of loss, catharsis, and redemption. – DrummerMax64

Author: brodayhey

Description :
Judy Hopps joined the Zootopia Police Department to make the world a better place. This is easier said than done. Two years after cracking Dawn Bellwether’s plot, Judy encounters a series of murders which make her childhood dream seem impossible. Crushed by the contents of the case, it will take a change of scenery to help her become whole again.

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Additional Tags: A change of setting, a change of pace, a change of heart.

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  1. The only few stories I've read that actually got me depressed from reading it. The emotional dilemmas the characters are facing in this story is so well written that you can't help but feel the same distressing emotion they are having.

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